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Birthday Box


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It’s your pups Birthday, time to celebrate! Chase&Chauncey has collaborated with a local business, On Point Pupcakes, to bring you the perfect Birthday Box! This box includes a customized product of your choice and a bag of Original Pupcake Mix. Gather your pups favorite four-legged friends and enjoy a stylish Birthday to remember! Price Includes Shipping!

Gift option: Does your pup have a best-friend? Send this box as the perfect gift for any dog in your life! Add a note at checkout for a personalized Birthday Card.

About the Original On Point Pupcake Mix: You're a sophisticated boy (or girl), and you have a refined palate and like to savor the finer things in life. Luckily, your humans recognize how special you are, and today your mom says, “I’m going to make you something special.” You watch her pour in the gluten-free mix (perfect for your sensitive tummy!), add in the pre-portioned packets of peanut butter (your favorite!) and honey, and then add in mashed banana. The time it takes for these special pupcakes to bake and cool seems like it’s 7 times as long for you as it is for your mom – but the wait is worth it. You LOVE these pupcakes and wonder how you could have lived without them for so long. You wonder how something so delicious can also be healthy?! But you don’t ask questions – you just sit like a good boy and wait for your next pupcake, this one with some delicious healthy frosting on top!
• All-natural ingredients (including your love)
• Vitamin and nutrient rich
• No preservatives
• Always fresh - lasts 4-5 days after baking or frozen for up to 2 months
• Convenient - just add bananas or pumpkin puree or applesauce
• Delicious peanut buttery flavor that dogs love
• Mini pupcakes make great pill pockets to hide medicine or vitamins
Makes: 6-8 large pupcakes, 20-24 mini pupcakes, one 6" cake, or one 8" cake.
Ingredients: Rice Flour, Honey, Peanut Butter, Baking Powder, Baking Soda